I BMMO workshop, Leipzig, Germany
I BMMO workshop, Leipzig, Germany
II BMMO Workshop, Rio de Janeiro, AquaRio, Brazil

The Beneficial Microbes for Marine Organisms (BMMO) network has received a grant by the EU project INCOBRA in order to carry out various activities and meetings in order to consolidatea fruitful bilateral cooperation (EU/BR) in the research and development sector.

INCOBRA ( is a three-year Horizon 2020-funded project seeking to increase Research and Innovation (R&I) cooperation activities between Brazil (BR) and the European Union (EU) while enhancing framework conditions and addressing BR-EU R&I priorities areas for bilateral cooperation.

INCOBRA aims to facilitate R&I collaboration and to tackle challenges by implementing key activities that will support policy dialogue, promote coherence and coordination on funding schemes, raise awareness and support bilateral R&I cooperation networks. The INCOBRA project is run by a consortium of 13 European and Brazilian organizations coordinated by bilateral R&I cooperation network. The Incobra grant promoted the organization of two workshops – the first one at the UFZ Helmholtz Institute, Germany and the second at the Rio de Janeiro Marine Aquarium Research Center – AquaRio, Rio de Janeiro Brazil. The outcomes from our meetings include the preparation and application of joint research proposals, preparation of papers and the establishment of new and fruitful collaborations.